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What is Franchising?  

     The term franchise refers to the right or licenses a franchisor grants to a franchisee, an individual or group, to market a company's goods or services, usually in a particular territorial area.  The arrangement between both parties is usually based on the concept that the franchisor is providing the expertise (i.e., management, training, marketing, etc.) and the franchisor is bringing to the table the enthusiasm needed for a successful franchise.  

     There are basically two forms of franchising: (1) product/trade name franchising and (2) business format franchising.  In a product and trade name franchise, a franchisor owns the rights to a product or trademark and sells that right to a franchisee.  In a business format franchise, a franchisor can provide a range of services.  These services can include product(s), trade name, training, management expertise, marketing assistance, site location and even financial assistance.    

Why Buy a Franchise?

     For many people, franchising allows them to be in business for themselves but not necessarily by themselves.  Franchising can offer the benefits of ownership with a Franchisor that can provide a brand name, management expertise, training, marketing and advertising support, as well as assistance with various functions of the franchise business.  A reputable franchise with a proven business method reduces the level of risk.  But like any other business, buying a franchise will require drive, time, and financial resources.  In addition, keep in mind there are advantages and disadvantages to buying any franchise. 
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