Human Resources Solutions
Organizations need the resources to staff the right number of people at any given
time, adjusting to fluctuations in personnel and economic demands.


     Avoid the burdensome process and expense associated with hiring new employees in response to short-term staffing demands.  Professional Edge Consultants provides staffing to fulfill temporary, contingency and seasonal obligations.

Temporary or Contingency Staffing     

     Do you need fast, short-term coverage for employees out on vacation or on sick leave?  Or do you just need temporary assistance? Professional Edge Consultants can equip you with temporary or contingency staffing, providing you with a placement of workers who come in immediately and require no orientation or training. 

Flexible Staffing     

Does your business have seasonal fluctuations in employee demands?  Do you need extra support during a busy period or for project-oriented demands?  Flexible staffing from Professional Edge Consultants can supplement your core staffing needs during those busy seasons.  Professional Edge Consultants can assist your organization adjust to fluctuating personnel needs.
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