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Welcome to Professional Edge Consultants

Professional Edge Consultants ("PEC")* believes in bringing a human touch to everything we do.  At PEC, we follow a three-prong approach in the services we provide, specializing in the needs of the employer, the job seeker, and the entrepreneur.  We understand the unique challenges of today’s marketplace and are committed to utilizing our expertise to help each organization or individual succeed. 

At PEC, it’s all about the right person, with the right skills, for the right position at the right company.   


Finding the right person with the right skills and the motivation best aligned to a client's needs, corporate vision, culture, work environment, and long and short-term goals is an enormous undertaking for an employer. Whether it's listing a job posting, sourcing the best talent, conducting interviews, screening candidates, performing reference checks or conducting background investigations by engaging the expertise of Professional Edge Consultants, we empower you to focus on core responsibilities while PEC finds you the very best qualified talent available.


For the job seeker, Professional Edge Consultants utilizes a myriad of channels to unearth and identify potential employment opportunities.  Through our network of colleagues, professional contacts, postings, and relationships we are able to identify potential opportunities.  In addition, PEC realizes how important it is for each candidate to be able to hit the ground running.  Therefore, PEC conducts candidate assessments to better understand each candidate's skill and knowledge base.  At PEC we realize it's paramount that we thoroughly understand the needs of our clients.

At Professional Edge Consultants we are committed to the long term.  Therefore, we take the extra step in understanding our candidates.  We ask the ‘what’, 'why', and 'how' questions to determine each candidate’s life's goals and motivations.  PEC realizes each client's path is unique, there are clients who strive for the opportunity to give birth to the entrepreneur in them.  Professional Edge Consultants believes in responding to these needs and has incorporated a Franchising Division which provides candidates with information relevant to franchising and the chance of owning their own business.  PEC's resources provides information on the process, arrangements, and opportunities.


It is critical in today’s economy that companies and individuals be equipped with the right resources to be able to own the upswing in the future economic recovery.

* Certified a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise by

   - The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

   - The New York State Department of Economic Development

   - New York City's Small Business Services


For the Employer:

Focus on your core business functions and let Professional Edge Consultants help you develop Human Resources Solutions ("HRS").  Whether its recruiting, staffing, human resources outsourcing, or just support for your Human Resources department, at Professional Edge our consultants will manage your human resources' business needs.


For the Entrepreneur:

Do you want to be your own boss? 
Looking for an alternate stream of revenue?

Do you want more flexibility and control over your life?

There may be a franchise opportunity just right for you.  Let our Franchising Division help you realize your dream of owning your own business.

For the Job Seeker:

Are you looking for the right job?  Whether it's part-time, temporary, or a flexible schedule, Professional Edge Consultants can open doors to potential employment opportunities.  At PEC, we conduct assessments to better understand our applicant's skills and knowledge.  Our goal is to provide our candidates with resources to improve their job-readinesss.


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